Herbert Richers

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herbert Richers Dubbing

Herbert Richers Dubbing (Photo credit: adrants)

(March 11, 1923 – November 20, 2009) was a Brazilian film producer and dubber. He was a pioneer in the field of voice-overs in Brazil and was responsible for the dubbing many Hollywood blockbusters into Portuguese, particularly action films such as the Rambo, Rocky, and Lethal Weapon series of films, popular US TV series such as Charlie’s Angels, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, CSI: Miami, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Friends and many cartoon series including Popeye and Scooby-Doo. He also produced over 55 Brazilian films between 1956 (Com Ague na Boca) and 1975 and was also active with telenovelas.

Based in Rio de Janeiro since 1942, eight years later he founded Herbert Richers SA, which started in the business of film distribution.

The company was one of the pioneers of dubbing in Brazil. Today is one of the largest companies in the industry in the country, with an average of 150 hours of dubbed movies per month, representing 70% of the films run in Brazilian theaters. It also has the largest dubbing studios in Latin America occupying more than 10 thousand square meters.

Herbert Richers was a film producer of former productions of Atlantis in the 1950s.

Aware of the Hollywood studios, he was connected to Walt Disney Studios which educated him in dubbing. Bringing the knowledge gained there back to Brazil, he applied it to the movies and TV productions in Brazil. He thus dubbed many Hollywood films and TV series into Portuguese for the Brazilian audience, particularly blockbuster action movies and television series.

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