Formation of TV

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Aragón Televisión

Aragón Televisión (Photo credit: macfacizar)

The first image to appear in TV Tupi was that of five-year-old Sônia Maria Dorce, who, dressed up as a Native Brazilian, said: “The Brazilian TV is now on air”.The symbol of Tupi was that of a Native Brazilian kid.

In the 1950s, Brazilian television was marked by informality, since there were no trained professionals in the country with any experience in this media field. Another characteristic of television productions of this early period was live impromptu, once there was no videotape. The high costs of TV sets, which were imported, restricted the access of the media to the urban elites of major cities.Technical resources were primary, offering broadcasters just enough to keep the stations on the air. It was during that period that TV news and telenovelas were established.[1]

The advent of videotape around 1960 brought imported programs to Brazilian television.  As a typical characteristic of countries developing their television systems, imported shows dominated the programming for much of the decade, but their presence also stimulated some efforts at creating local networks.[1] TV Tupi soon faced strong competition from TV Excelsior.


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